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Lupe Fiasco – Super Stardom Mixtape

"All NEW Tapes, Midwest", by: - March 15, 2011

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Description and Songs below:

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Lupe Fiasco – Failure
2.Lupe Fiasco – Fire Flame Freestyle
3.Lupe Fiasco – Twilight Zone
4.Lupe Fiasco – Monster Freestyle
5.Lupe Fiasco – The Pen And The Needlz
6.Lupe Fiasco – Knockin At The Door
7.Lupe Fiasco – Hater Hop
8.Lupe Fiasco – It Was Written Ft. Nas
9.Lupe Fiasco – Bad Dont Seem So Wrong Ft. Trae The Truth
10.Lupe Fiasco – Us Placers Ft. Pharrell And Kanye West
11.Lupe Fiasco – Mic Check
12.Lupe Fiasco – Oh Yeah Ft. Diggy Simmons And Pharell
13.Lupe Fiasco – Muhammad Walks
14.Lupe Fiasco – WGCI Freestyle
15.Lupe Fiasco – Lupe The Killa
16.Lupe Fiasco – Jesus Walks (Ahk-A-Fella Version)
17.Lupe Fiasco – Lupe The Gorrilla
18.Lupe Fiasco – Mass Appeal Freestyle
19.Llupe Fiasco – Ignorant Shit
20.Lupe Fiasco – Champ Is Here (Freestyle)
21.Lupe Fiasco – Dynasty
22.Lupe Fiasco – Jedi Mind Tricks
23.Lupe Fiasco – Get A Shirt
24.Lupe Fiasco – Much More Ft. Yummy Bingham
25.Lupe Fiasco – Comin From Where I’m From
26.Lupe Fiasco – What-U-Want
27.Lupe Fiasco – Diddy Freestyle
28.Lupe Fiasco – Fire
29.Lupe Fiasco – Spray Paint Ft. Ghostface And Mike Shinoda
30.Lupe Fiasco – Cold Blooded
31.Lupe Fiasco – Shayla G Up
32.Lupe Fiasco – Radio Broadcast
33.Lupe Fiasco – Proper
34.Lupe Fiasco – Welcome Back Chilly
35.Lupe Fiasco – Ooh
36.Lupe Fiasco – Unreleased Corner Remix Verse
37.Lupe Fiasco – Dead Presidents Freestyle
38.Lupe Fiasco – I Gotcha (Kickdrums Remix)
39.Lupe Fiasco – I Keep It Gutter Like (Unreleased) Ft. Stack Bundles
40.Lupe Fiasco – We Love You
41.Lupe Fiasco – Sunshine Remix Ft. Amanda Diva
42.Lupe Fiasco – Mean And Vicious Ft. Naledge
43.Lupe Fiasco – Ghetto Story
44.Lupe Fiasco – Us Placers
45.Lupe Fiasco – Going Up
46.Lupe Fiasco – Bottom, Top
47.Lupe Fiasco – Unreleased OG Track
48.Lupe Fiasco – Slow Down
49.Lupe Fiasco – Gangsta’s Groove
50.Lupe Fiasco – Can You Let Me Know
51.Lupe Fiasco – Where Do I Go (Unreleased)
52.Lupe Fiasco – Dopeboy
53.Lupe Fiasco – 4 Real
54.Lupe Fiasco – City Wings
55.Lupe Fiasco – Sitting Sideways Remix Ft. Jay-Z
56.Lupe Fiasco – A Bathing Harry
57.Lupe Fiasco – Conflict Diamonds
58.Lupe Fiasco – Lu Myself
59.Lupe Fiasco – AM FM Ft. Young Buck
60.Lupe Fiasco – Gangsta Gangsta Ft. Ness
61.Lupe Fiasco – Pop Pop
62.Lupe Fiasco – We Beamin (Remix)
63.Lupe Fiasco – H.A.M (Freestyle)
64.Lupe Fiasco – Cupcakin Ft. MDMA
65.Lupe Fiasco – Army Girl
66.Lupe Fiasco – I’m Burnt (Toca Tuesday Freestyle)
67.Lupe Fiasco – Girls Freestyle
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