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Knightstalker – The Opening Move Official Mixtape By Dj Easy & Dj Klapton

"All NEW Tapes", by: - August 10, 2011

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Description and Songs below:

Listen and download Knightstalker – The Opening Move Official Mixtape By Dj Easy & Dj Klapton


1.DJ Klapton – Intro
2.Knightstalker – Countdown (prod. by Marodeur)
3.Knightstalker – Overseas Sh#t
4.Jadakiss Call
5.Knightstalker – The Opening Move (feat. Armageddon) (prod. by Sneezy)
6.Knightstalker – Verse 4 Verse (feat. LuGuz & Double A.B.) EXCLUSIVE
7.Knightstalker – Late Knight Show (prod. by Nefew)
8.EPMD Call
9.Knightstalker – The 1st 16 EXCLUSIVE
10.Knightstalker – Just Holla (feat. St.Laz & Opium) (prod. by Romeo)
11.Knightstalker – Enough (feat. LuGuz) (prod. by Romeo)
12.Knightstalker – Throw Ya Grams Up
13.Knightstalker – Escape from Babylon I (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros) EXCLUSIVE
14.Knightstalker – South Berlin Mentality
15.Rakim Call
16.Knightstalker – The 2nd 16 EXCLUSIVE
17.Knightstalker – Git Money (feat. Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat) (prod. by Romeo)
18.Knightstalker – Thermosphere (feat. Dox Boogie, Fred Diezil & LuGuz)
19.Knightstalker – Escape from Babylon II (prod. by Romeo) EXCLUSIVE
20.Knightstalker – Malfunction Info (feat. Laws) (prod. by Marodeur)
21.Knightstalker – Platoon Leaders (feat. Apaulo Treed) (prod. by Romeo)
22.Knightstalker – The 3rd 16 EXCLUSIVE
23.Knightstalker – Sinister Fate (feat. Stumik of Ice Water)
24.Knightstalker – Survival Strategy (feat. Tableek of Maspyke) (prod. by Marodeur)
25.Knightstalker – From The Bottom (prod. by Logan-C Beats) EXCLUSIVE
26.DJ Klapton – Outro

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