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Young Dolph & Young Scooter – Roadrunners Mixtape

"User Submitted", by: - April 10, 2013

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Description and Songs below:

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1.Young Niggas Act A Foo (Dj Philly Phil)
2.Hector Story- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
3.Make It Happen- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
4.Money Habits- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
5.360- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
6.Listen To The Street- Scooter x Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
7.Hit The Gas- (Dj Philly Phil)
8.Goin In- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
9.Trap Doin Numbers- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
10.Dont Trust- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
11.Damn Right- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
12.Call Me Back- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
13.Keep Workin- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
14.Survival Of The Fittest- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
15.On It- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
16.Clientele- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
17.Hella Stoned- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
18.Roll Up- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
19.Run Ya Bandz Up- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
20.Trap House- Dolph (Dj Philly Phil)
21.Street Lights- Scooter (Dj Philly Phil)
22.Long Money- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
23.Flex Finesse- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
24.Gangsta- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
25.Re Up- Scooter x Dolph (Dj Bwest)
26.Much Deeper- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
27.Work- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
28.While Im Rollin Up- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
29.Julio- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
30.Need My Medicine- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
31.Made It Thru The Struggle- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
32.Just Landed- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
33.Juggathon- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
34.Booked Up- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
35.Truck Loads- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
36.Heavy In Da Streets- Dolph (Dj Bwest)
37.Million Dollars- Scooter (Dj Bwest)
38.Playas Night Out- Dolph (Dj Bwest)


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