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Dj Advance – Exhibit M Mixtape

"User Submitted", by: - May 23, 2013

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1.Clique (ft. KOB, Mic Lyric, Verse Uno, Raw Toon & DBS)
2.Dope (ft. Mic Lyric, Verse Uno & KOB)
3.Go (ft. Fresh Vs., Mic Lyric & Verse Uno)
4.Bunnies (ft. Verse Uno, Mic Lyric & KOB)
5.Live For Today RMX (ft. KOB, Fresco Jakes & Mic Lyric)
6.Racks (ft. Verse Uno & Dutch Rugar)
7.Scene (ft. Major G, Raw Toon & Mic Lyric)
8.Alanis Morissette (ft. KOB)
9.Cinderella (ft. Mic QA, Mic Lyric & KOB)
10.Belly Up (ft. Verse Uno, D-Nic, KOB & Mil)
11.Long Doe (ft. Mic Lyric, Raw Toon & KOB)
12.I’m Goin’ (ft. Fat BlaKC, D.B.S., Verse Uno, Raw Toon & KOB)
13.FOH (ft. Mic Lyric)
14.So On Fire (ft. Dutch Rugar, KOB & Verse Uno)
15.Fade Away (ft. Raw Toon, Mic Lyric & KOB)
16.Seen (ft. KOB & Mic Lyric)
17.My Soul (ft. Mic Lyric, Raw Toon & Mic QA)
18.Gone (ft. Verse Uno, Mic Lyric & KOB)


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