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Mobb Deep The Legend Series Vol. 1 Mixtape

"All NEW Tapes, East Coast", by: - May 17, 2013

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1.Legend Series Intro
2.Infamous Prelude
3.Survival Of The Fittest (feat. Mobb Deep)
4.Give Up The Goods (feat. Mobb Deep)
5.Drop A Gem On ‘Em (feat. Mobb Deep)
6.First Day Of Spring (feat. Mobb Deep & Tragedy)
7.My Gat Spittin’ (feat. Mobb Deep & Infamous Mobb)
8.Still Shining (Intro-Mental)
9.Still Shining (feat. Mobb Deep)
10.Bump That (feat. Mobb Deep, 50 Cent & Big Noyd)
11.Fire (feat. Mobb Deep)
12.U Know We Don’t Stop (feat. Mobb Deep)
13.Drink Away The Pain (Situations) (feat. Mobb Deep & Q-Tip)
14.The Hood Love It (feat. Mobb Deep)
15.Bounce (feat. Mobb Deep)
16.Me And My Crew (feat. Mobb Deep)
17.Everyday Gunplay (feat. Mobb Deep)
18.The Learning (Burn) (Intro-Mental)
19.The Learning (Burn) (feat. Mobb Deep, Big Noyd & Vida)
20.Back Down (feat. Mobb Deep & Big Noyd)
21.Live Foul (feat. Mobb Deep)
22.Nobody Likes Me (feat. Mobb Deep)
23.Clap (feat. Mobb Deep)
24.Spread Love (feat. Mobb Deep)
25.World Premier (feat. Mobb Deep, Bars & Hooks)
26.Rock With Us (feat. Mobb Deep & Busta Rhymes)
27.Don’t Call Tasha (feat. Mobb Deep)
28.Quiet Storm (Intro-Mental)
29.Quiet Storm (feat. Mobb Deep)
30.M.O.B. (feat. Mobb Deep)
31.Kill That Nigga (feat. Mobb Deep)
32.Adrenaline (feat. Mobb Deep)
33.Get At Me (feat. Mobb Deep)
34.Flood The Block (feat. Mobb Deep)
35.Heat (feat. Mobb Deep)
36.Hit It From The Back (feat. Mobb Deep)
37.Let’s Pop (feat. Mobb Deep & Dog Of A.C.D.)
38.Get Me (feat. Mobb Deep, Littles & Big Noyd)
39.Have A Party (feat. Mobb Deep, 50 Cent & Nate Dogg)
40.Who Wanna Test (feat. Mobb Deep)
41.How To Survive (feat. Mobb Deep)
42.What’s Poppin’ (feat. Mobb Deep & Tragedy)
43.Party Done (Skit)
44.Street Life (feat. Mobb Deep & A.C.D.)
45.Dump (feat. Mobb Deep & Nate Dogg)
46.Click Click (feat. Mobb Deep & Tony Yayo)
47.Capital P, Capital R, Capital H (feat. Mobb Deep & Ras Kass)
48.Shook Ones Pt. 1 (Intro-Mental)
49.Shook Ones Pt. 1 (feat. Mobb Deep)
50.Apostle’s Warning (feat. Mobb Deep)


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