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Chamillionaire – Swangin Solo

"All NEW Tapes, Southern", by: - July 31, 2013

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Description and Songs below:

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1.Intro // Download

2.Chamillionaire Speaks // Download

3.From The South // Download

4.Yall Don’t Want Us 2 Come // Download

5.Wuz Up, Wuz Up (ft. Big Tuck) // Download

6.Still Tippin’ (Original Version) // Download

7.Ruff Ryders // Download

8.Cedric The Entertainer // Download

9.Play Dirty // Download

10.Where Da Party At // Download

11.A Ton Of Bread // Download

12.Is That Yo Chick // Download

13.Set It Off // Download 

14.Entrepreneur From The Sewer // Download

15.Hot Boys // Download

16.Batter Up // Download

17.Once Upon A Time // Download

18.Ugly // Download

19.Fat Rat With The Gat // Download

20.Block Burna // Download

21.Nine Inch Nails // Download

22.I Ball (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

23.Shake Dem Haters (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

24.Xxplosive (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

25.The Next Episode (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

26.E.I. (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

27.Thru’ My Sache’ Shades // Download

28.Parkin’ Lot Pimpin’ (Ft. Paul Wall) // Download

29.Get Off The Corner // Download

30.The Real Slim Shady (Ft. Paul Wall) // Download

31.Ready To Ball (Ft. Paul Wall) // Download

32.Bounce // Download

33.U Cant Resist (Ft. Paul Wall) // Download

34.Ms. Jackson // Download

35.Down For My Niggaz // Download

36.Another Anthem (Ft. Paul Wall) // Download

37.Showin’ Green Like Kryptonite (Ft. Paul Wall) // Download

38.Speed Racer // Download

39.In Money We Trust // Download

40.Outro // Download

41.Intro // Download

42.Chamillionaire Speaks // Download

43.Sittin’ On Twankies (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

44.Instant Replay // Download

45.Me & My Money // Download

46.Street Shit // Download

47.Horror Flick // Download

48.Whut It Dew Right Now (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

49.The 9th Inning (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

50.Im That Dude (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

51.Rainbow Bright Type Lights (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

52.Can’t Deny It (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

53.Never Scared // Download

54.Make You Look // Download

55.Get Down // Download

56.Move Bitch (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

57.A Gang Of Green // Download

58.Dem Boyz // Download

59.The Wrong O.G. To Get Pissed At // Download

60.When I Come Down (ft. Lil Flip) // Download

61.Tipsy // Download

62.Tippin’ Down // Download

63.Grippin’ Pine // Download

64.Do Our Thang // Download

65.Superman // Download

66.One Mic // Download

67.Money On My Mind // Download

68.Nothing (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

69.Pass The Courvoisier // Download

70.Headin’ 2 Da Kappa // Download

71.Pac Man (ft. Slim Thug, Paul Wall, E.S.G.) // Download

72.North 2 Tha South // Download

73.Grain Grippin’ (ft. Slim Thug) // Download

74.Oh No (ft. Trae, Paul Wall) // Download

75.Warrior // Download

76.Two Cocky Muthafuckaz // Download

77.Grind (ft. Yung Ro, Lil Flip, 5050 Twin) // Download

78.Just A Nobody (ft. Yung Ro) // Download

79.The Other Day (ft. Paul Wall) // Download

80.Outro // Download


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