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Jay Electronica – Unreleased

"All NEW Tapes", by: - December 30, 2015

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1.Jay Electronica – Abracadabra (Prod. J Dilla)
2.Jay Electronica – Act I Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) [Abridged – Verses Only]
3.Jay Electronica – Act I Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) [Full 15-Minute Version]
4.Jay Electronica – Act I Intro
5.Jay Electronica – Act I Part 1 – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6.Jay Electronica – Act I Part 2 – …Because He Broke the Rules
7.Jay Electronica – Act I Part 3 – Voodoo Man
8.Jay Electronica – Act I Part 4 – FYI
9.Jay Electronica – Act II (Rough Demo Version)
10.Jay Electronica – Annakin’s Prayer
11.Jay Electronica – Attack of the Clones
12.Jay Electronica – Be Easy
13.Jay Electronica – Bitches And Drugs (Prod. J Dilla)
14.Jay Electronica – Call of Duty MW3 feat. Prodigy
15.Jay Electronica – Candy Man
16.Jay Electronica – Colors
17.Jay Electronica – Dealing
18.Jay Electronica – Dear Moleskine (Prod. Just Blaze)
19.Jay Electronica – Defcon 4
20.Jay Electronica – Departure
21.Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine (Prod. J Dilla)
22.Jay Electronica – Exhibit B (Exhibit A Remix) feat. Mos Def (Prod. Just Blaze)
23.Jay Electronica – Exhibit C [Rewind Version] (Prod. Just Blaze)
24.Jay Electronica – Extra Extra
25.Jay Electronica – Forever
26.Jay Electronica – Get ‘Em feat. Guilty Simpson & Mr. Porter
27.Jay Electronica – Girlfriend
28.Jay Electronica – Glass Everywhere [FYI] (Act I Encore)
29.Jay Electronica – Hagler Demo
30.Jay Electronica – Hard To Get feat. Mr. Porter
31.Jay Electronica – I Feel Good
32.Jay Electronica – Jazzmatazz (Prod. DJ Premier)
33.Jay Electronica – My World (Nas Salute)
34.Jay Electronica – Not a Disturbance
35.Jay Electronica – Not Too Far From Nothing
36.Jay Electronica – Renaissance Man (Prod. J Dilla)
37.Jay Electronica – Retro Electro
38.Jay Electronica – Roadside Freestyle in Nepal
39.Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory feat. Jay-Z
40.Jay Electronica – So What You Sayin’ (Prod. J Dilla)
41.Jay Electronica – Something To Hold On To
42.Jay Electronica – Spark ‘Em Up
43.Jay Electronica – Stay Dougie Freestyle
44.Jay Electronica – Suckas (Prod. J Dilla)
45.Jay Electronica – Swagger Jackson’s Revenge
46.Jay Electronica – The Announcement
47.Jay Electronica – The Cauldron
48.Jay Electronica – The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (Abridged)
49.Jay Electronica – The Making of Act II (Preview) feat. LaTonya Givens (No Verse)
50.Jay Electronica – Trolley Stop
51.Jay Electronica – Patents Of Nobility (Unreleased) feat. Muhammad Ali


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