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Sound Efx Pack 01 (EFX 2021)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - January 19, 2021

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Description and Songs below:

DSEP – Sound Efx Pack 01 (EFX 2021)

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Instrumental Credits
Moombahton Beat 2020 x Reggaeton Instrumental 2020 – Moombahton Type Beat 2020 –

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Album Tracklist

DSEP - Beeds Laser Efx
DSEP - Bubblez Rizing Laser Efx
DSEP - Buss A Blank Fi Dah One Yah Efx
DSEP - Come On Readddy Pull Up (M.U.V)
DSEP - Cr203 Horn Efx
DSEP - Crank Up Lazer Efx
DSEP - Digitalize Horn Efx
DSEP - Explosion Hot Hot Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Hey Efx
DSEP - Horn 2k21 Efx
DSEP - Intensity Stig Laser Efx
DSEP - Juggling Round Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Laser Jabz Efx
DSEP - Laser Jax Efx
DSEP - New Pull Up Efx
DSEP - New Siren Efx
DSEP - Oh Noo! Smash Swirl Efx
DSEP - Ooooouuuu Efx
DSEP - Overlay Horn Efx
DSEP - Pesheng Weng Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Pull It Where You Go With Dah Bullit Efx
DSEP - Pullll Up Laser Efx
DSEP - Pulllll Up Efx
DSEP - Sick Laser Beam Efx
DSEP - Trifect Laser Efx
DSEP - Wata Bubble Laser Efx
DSEP - Wheeeeeelllll Efx
DSEP - Wheel Ready Now Efx
DSEP - Yaaaooww Efx
DSEP - Yow Yowww Pull Up Efx

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