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Sound Efx Pack 03 (EFX 2021)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - October 25, 2021

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Description and Songs below:

DSEP – Sound Efx Pack 03 (EFX 2021)

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Instrumental Credits
1Matik Instrumental – Prod by Chemist Records & Raheef Music Group :–sjjxhenGySRs50MKSld9Qd_j2F3os

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Album Tracklist

DSEP - Airless Switch Horn Efx
DSEP - Bowww Boyyyyy Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Brrrrrrr Sig Laser Efx
DSEP - Chopped Truck Horn Efx
DSEP - Decreasing Sig Lazer Efx
DSEP - Electric Scatter Lazer Efx
DSEP - Hi Hat Downward Horn Efx
DSEP - Hold On Nah Man Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Iq Shots Lazer Efx
DSEP - Jesus Jeez Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Level Play The Intro Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Low, Ready Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Lowwwwww Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Monk Lazer Efx
DSEP - Pendant Lazer Efx
DSEP - Police Siren Efx
DSEP - Prit Tit Tit Tun It Up Loud Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Pu Pu Pull Mad Wheel Efx
DSEP - Pull It Up Hoy Hoy Play Out Deh Efx
DSEP - Siren Efx
DSEP - Start Up Lazer Efx
DSEP - Tun It Up, Chu Chune Pull Efx
DSEP - Waiiittttt Pull Up Efx
DSEP - Water Bubble Lazer Efx
DSEP - Wowww Efx