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Various (Underground) – Underground Boom Bap Mixtape Volume 39, hosted by DJ Mystery & Y.G.C

"Albums, All NEW Tapes, East Coast, User Submitted", by: - September 17, 2023

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Description and Songs below:

DJ Mystery & Y.G.C Presents Underground Boom Bap Mixtape Volume 39 Featuring The Newest & Hottest Tracks In Underground Hip Hop


  1. 01 Big Sproxx - On The Corner FT Jadakiss (Prod By Big Sproxx)
  2. 02 38 Spesh & Conway - Last Week (Prod By 38 Spesh)
  3. 03 Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - DNA (Prod By The Alchemist)
  4. 04 Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Wizardry FT TriState (Prod By Apollo Brown)
  5. 05 Ransom - Scape Goats FT 38 Spesh & Che Noir (Prod By Prophecy)
  6. 06 Eto - Flowers FT 38 Spesh
  7. 07 Statik Selektah - Different League FT Benny The Butcher & Termanology (Prod By Statik Selektah)
  8. 08 Halfcut & Reks - Reign Supreme FT Termanology (Prod By Kuddie Fresh)
  9. 09 Brady Watt - Soldiers Payne FT Ransom & RJ Payne (Prod By Brady Watt)
  10. 10 RJ Payne - Pighead (Prod By Cartune Beatz)
  11. 11 Royal Flush & Sean Price - B.O.B FT Cassidy (Prod By Little Vic)
  12. 12 Lucky Seven - Space Invaders FT Hus Kingpin (Prod By SovRen)
  13. 13 38 Spesh & Conway - Been Through FT ElCamino (Prod By 38 Spesh)
  14. 14 Chase Fetti - Online FT Conway (Prod By Ascetic)
  15. 15 Duece Ellis - The Dodgers FT Ras Kass & Skyzoo (Prod By Duece Ellis)
  16. 16 Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - 88 S-Curl FT Ty Farris (Prod By Apollo Brown)
  17. 17 Real Bad Man & Blu - Hebrews FT Planet Asia (Prod By Real Bad Man)
  18. 18 Supreme Cerebral, Chuck Chan & Swab - Jackson Pollock Painting FT Planet Asia (Prod By Swab)
  19. 19 Mickey Diamond & SadhuGold - 2412 (Prod By SadhuGold)
  20. 20 Pro Dillinger & Wino Willy - Clocked In FT Snotty (Prod By Wino Willy)
  21. 21 Substance810 - Danger Zone FT Jamil Honesty & Mickey Diamond (Prod By JR Swiftz)
  22. 22 Tony Touch - Rampage 2.0 FT Doo Wop, Lil Fame, AZ & DJ Scratch
  23. 23 Rick Hyde - Streets Ain't The Same FT Benny The Butcher & ElCamino (Prod By Chop La Rok & Rare Scrilla)
  24. 24 Big Sproxx - Picanhan FT Benny The Butcher (Prod By Big Sproxx)
  25. 25 ElCamino & King Ralph - Love Me Or Hate Me (Prod By Ill Tone Beatz)
  26. 26 Hus Kingpin - Chemistry FT Willie The Kid (Prod By Pryncd P)
  27. 27 Clypto - Robby Robinson FT Ransom, RJ Payne & Stove God Cooks (Prod By Clypto)
  28. 28 DJ Muggs - Crazy Horse FT Roc Marciano & Crimeapple (Prod By DJ Muggs)
  29. 29 Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist - 100 High Street (Prod By The Alchemist)
  30. 30 Sha Hef - Gidan, Pt. 2 FT Rome Streetz (Prod By Nicholas Craven)
  31. 31 Rasheed Chappell - Lullaby FT Rome Streetz & 38 Spesh (Prod By Arcitype)
  32. 32 Statik Selektah - It's Different FT M.O.P & Cormega (Prod By Statik Selektah)
  33. 33 Chino XL & Stu Bangas - Murder Rhyme Kill FT Vinnie Paz (Prod By Stu Bangas)
  34. 34 Boot Camp Clik - Wotcha Call Strength (Prod By Arcitype)
  35. 35 Estee Nack & Machacha - 1StShallBlast (Prod By Machacha)
  36. 36 Jay Nice - Tim Duncan 99 FT Estee Nack & Flee Lord (Prod By Phil A)
  37. 37 J Flash - They Lyin FT Eto & Flee Lord (Prod By Stu Bangas)
  38. 38 Lord Juco & Finn - Ceramic Plates FT Mooch & Rim (Of Da Villians) (Prod By Finn)
  39. 39 Jay Royale - The Shhhh Dialect FT AZ & DJ Eclipse (Prod By J Depina)
  40. 40 The Musalini & 9Th Wonder - Cajun Butter FT Curren$y (Prod By 9Th Wonder)

Album Tracklist






Mixtapes 38 392


Sun, Sep 17 at 11:59 AM

DJ Mystery & Y.G.C - Underground Boom Bap Mixtape Volume 38

1. DJ Muggs - 67 Keys FT Roc Marciano, Rome Streetz & Meyhem Lauren (Prod By DJ Muggs)
2. DJ Premier - Runaway FT Westside Gunn & Rome Streetz (Prod By DJ Premier)
3. Tony Touch - We Shot Ya FT Conway & Benny The Butcher
4. 38 Spesh & Conway - Goodfellas FT Benny The Butcher (Prod By 38 Spesh)
5. Rim (Of Da Villians) - SlumBrandt FT Sean Price & Vic Spencer (Prod By Sebb Bash)
6. Ransom & Nicholas Craven - American Made (Prod By Nicholas Craven)
7. Struggle Mike - Where It At FT Boldy James, Eto & BodyBagBen (Prod By Struggle Mike)
8. Chase Fetti - One More Sale FT Boldy James, Rome Streetz & Mikee Mula (Prod By Snub)
9. BhramaBull - Ghost Biscuit FT Rome Streetz (Prod By BhramaBull)
10. Wais P & Dame Grease - Anunnaki Language FT Planet Asia (Prod By Dame Grease)
11. Kut One - Good For Nuthin FT Estee Nack, Daniel Son & Saipher Soze (Prod By Kut One)
12. Eto - 3 Card Molly FT RJ Payne & J-Hood
13. Nems & Scram Jones - Gorilla On Your Block (Prod By Scram Jones)
14. Teflon - Hostile Takeover FT Benny The Butcher (Prod By DJ Premier)
15. Conway & Hus Kingpin - The Machine Vs PortisHus (Prod By Temper Beats)
16. Ransom & Nicholas Craven - Enemy Of The State FT Kxng Crooked (Prod By Nicholas Craven)
17. Dibiasi - Risky Buisness FT Ransom & Albee AL (Prod By Eto)
18. Dark Lo & V-Don - White Plate FT Benny The Butcher & Duffle Bag Hottie (Prod By V-Don)
19. Pounds - Fold FT Flee Lord & Max Marciano
20. Asun Eastwood - Buicks, Bonnevilles & Beamers FT Lord Juco (Prod By Sibbs Roc)
21. Eddie Kaine & Finn - The Defiant Ones FT Lord Juco & Asun Eastwood (Prod By Finn)
22. Waterr & Spanish Ran - Serpents & Apples FT Daniel Son (Prod By Spanish Ran)
23. Statik Selektah - One 4 Ages FT Tha God Fahim (Prod By Statik Selektah)
24. Torae & Marco Polo - The Return (Prod By Marco Polo)
25. Estee Nack - Mass Money Wires FT AL Divino
26. Lord Goat & Recognize Ali - Coke Synagogue FT Pro Dillinger (Prod By Lord Goat)
27. Thirstin Howl III - Lo's & Cons FT Rockness Monsta & U.G (Of Cella Dwellas)
28. The Alchemist - Trouble Man FT Boldy James (Prod By The Alchemist)
29. Boldy James & Chan Hayes - I Tried (Prod By Chan Hayes)
30. BoFaat - Bragadoccio Rap FT Hus Kingpin, Eddie Kaine & DJ Erex (Prod By BoFaat)
31. $auce Heist & K Sluggah - Cross County Pimp'n FT Hus Kingpin (Prod By K Sluggah)
32. Royalz - Ring General FT Smoovth (Prod By Royalz)
33. Curren$y & Harry Fraud - 86 Testarossa FT Rome Streetz (Prod By Harry Fraud)
34. ElCamino & 38 Spesh - No Drums (Prod By 38 Spesh)
35. Statik Selektah - Historic FT Ransom & AZ (Prod By Statik Selektah)
36. Big Sproxx - Rough N Rugged FT Tragedy Khadafi & Ras Kass (Prod By Big Sproxx)
37. Lord Juco & Finn - Legacy FT Pro Dillinger (Prod By Finn)
38. Jamal Gasol - Stir The Pot Freestyle 30 For 30 (Prod By The StandOuts)
39. Recognize Ali & Soul Chemist - Together We Fall (Prod By Soul Chemist)
40. Ty Da Dale - Popcorn Ceilings FT UFO Fev (Prod By Nes)

DJ Mystery & Y.G.C - Underground Boom Bap Mixtape Volume 39

1. Big Sproxx - On The Corner FT Jadakiss (Prod By Big Sproxx)
2. 38 Spesh & Conway - Last Week (Prod By 38 Spesh)
3. Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - DNA (Prod By The Alchemist)
4. Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Wizardry FT TriState (Prod By Apollo Brown)
5. Ransom - Scape Goats FT 38 Spesh & Che Noir (Prod By Prophecy)
6. Eto - Flowers FT 38 Spesh
7. Statik Selektah - Different League FT Benny The Butcher & Termanology (Prod By Statik Selektah)
8. Halfcut & Reks - Reign Supreme FT Termanology (Prod By Kuddie Fresh)
9. Brady Watt - Soldiers Payne FT Ransom & RJ Payne (Prod By Brady Watt)
10. RJ Payne - Pighead (Prod By Cartune Beatz)
11. Royal Flush & Sean Price - B.O.B FT Cassidy (Prod By Little Vic)
12. Lucky Seven - Space Invaders FT Hus Kingpin (Prod By SovRen)
13. 38 Spesh & Conway - Been Through FT ElCamino (Prod By 38 Spesh)
14. Chase Fetti - Online FT Conway (Prod By Ascetic)
15. Duece Ellis - The Dodgers FT Ras Kass & Skyzoo (Prod By Duece Ellis)
16. Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - 88 S-Curl FT Ty Farris (Prod By Apollo Brown)
17. Real Bad Man & Blu - Hebrews FT Planet Asia (Prod By Real Bad Man)
18. Supreme Cerebral, Chuck Chan & Swab - Jackson Pollock Painting FT Planet Asia (Prod By Swab)
19. Mickey Diamond & SadhuGold - 2412 (Prod By SadhuGold)
20. Pro Dillinger & Wino Willy - Clocked In FT Snotty (Prod By Wino Willy)
21. Substance810 - Danger Zone FT Jamil Honesty & Mickey Diamond (Prod By JR Swiftz)
22. Tony Touch - Rampage 2.0 FT Doo Wop, Lil Fame, AZ & DJ Scratch
23. Rick Hyde - Streets Ain't The Same FT Benny The Butcher & ElCamino (Prod By Chop LA Rok & Rare Scrilla)
24. Big Sproxx - Picanha FT Benny The Butcher (Prod By Big Sproxx)
25. ElCamino & King Ralph - Love Me Or Hate Me (Prod By ILL Tone Beats)
26. Hus Kingpin - Chemistry FT Willie The Kid (Prod By
Prynce P)
27. Clypto - Robby Robinson FT Ransom, RJ Payne & Stove God Cooks (Prod By Clypto)
28. DJ Muggs - Crazy Horse FT Roc Marciano & Crimeapple (Prod By DJ Muggs)
29. Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist - 100 High Street (Prod By The Alchemist)
30. Sha Hef - Gidan, Pt. 2 FT Rome Streetz (Prod By Nicholas Craven)
31. Rasheed Chappell - Lullaby FT Rome Streetz & 38 Spesh (Prod By Arcitype)
32. Statik Selektah - It's Different FT M.O.P & Cormega (Prod By Statik Selektah)
33. Chino XL & Stu Bangas - Murder Rhyme Kill FT Vinnie Paz (Prod By Stu Bangas)
34. Boot Camp Clik - Wotcha Call Strength (Prod By Arcitype)
35. Estee Nack & Machacha - 1StShallBlast (Prod By Machacha)
36. Jay Nice - Tim Duncan 99 FT Estee Nack & Flee Lord (Prod By Phil A)
37. J Flash - They Lyin FT Eto & Flee Lord (Prod By Stu Bangas)
38. Lord Juco & Finn - Ceramic Plates FT Mooch & Rim (Of Da Villians) (Prod By Finn)
39. Jay Royale - The Shhhh Dialect FT AZ & DJ Eclipse (Prod By J Depina)
40. The Musalini & 9Th Wonder - Cajun Butter FT Curren$y (Prod By 9Th Wonder)

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