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Dancehall Mix Supa Chiney 8.1, V8 Ft Sizzla, Capleton, Kid Kurrupt, Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Alozade

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Description and Songs below:

Black Chiney – Supa Chiney 8.1 – Vol. 8 (Dancehall Mix 2024 Ft Sizzla, Capleton, Kid Kurrupt, Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Mr. Vegas, Alozade, Nina Sky, Bling Dawg) –


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Album Tracklist

01. Black Chiney Sound - Intro (Watch Scooby Doo)(A who Dis!) 00:00

'Chrome Riddim'
02. Elephant Man - Scooby Doo (Remix) (Dub) 00:50
03. Capleton - Inna Me Gun (Dub) 02:40
Skit (-Hello -Are you gay ? -Hello -I said are you gay ? -Hey Suck Yuh Madda!)
04. Elephant Man - Jiggy 03:53
05. Alozade - Phat Till It Swel (Dub) 04:38
06. Sizzla - That's Ok 05:22
07. Vybz Kartel - Little Lady 05:53
08. Beenie Man - Don't Hate The Game 06:24
09. Bounty Killer - Get Me Mad (Dub) 07:06

10. Bobby Chin - Fuck Dave Wife 08:19
Skit (-Hello -Hello -A Who Dis -Dave -Dave -Yeah -I Fuck Your Wife Last Night)

'Kopa Riddim'
11. Elephant Man - The Sign (Dub) 08:32
12. Elephant Man - Chiney Hype (Dub) 09:35
13. Assassin - Gyal From (Dub) 10:54
14. Matik - Anytime 11:41
15. Alozade - Simon Says (Dub) 12:26
16. Vybz Kartel - Straight Gangsta (Dub) 13:00
17. Capleton - Who You Calling Nigga 13:31
18. Bounty Killer - Kill Anything (Dub) 14:42
Skit (-Hello -Hello You ah Come Over Fi Di anaconda -laughing, Okay, No Thank You)

'Singles Remix'
19. Bounty Killer Ft Angel Doolas x Elephant Man - Short Dick Man (Fitness) x Chiney Thing (Remix) 15:28
20. Vybz Kartel - Fly Aways (Remix Dub) 16:40
21. Vybz Kartel - John Gotti (Dirt Off Your Shoulder Remix) (Dub) 17:42
Skit (-Hello -Hey NYP
22. Bounty Killer - Killa (Dirt Off Your Shoulder Remix) (Dub) 18:40
23. Baby Cham - Phone Sex (skit) 19:25
24. Beenie Man & Ms Thing - Dude (Hip Hop Music Remix) 19:51
25. Baby Cham - Chinese Sex (Hip Hop Music Remix) (Dub) 20:31
26. Elephant Man - Don't Pet (Hip Hop Music Remix) (Dub) 21:19
27. Elephant Man - Dancing Jym (Get Low Remix) (Dub) 22:17

'Coolie Dance Riddim'
28. Vybz Kartel & Outkast - Up To The Time (Remix) 23:38
29. Elephant Man - Jook Gyal (Remix) 24:28
30. Elephant Man - Tek Long Fi Come (Dub) 25:14
31. Notch - VIP 26:17
32. Mr. Vegas - Pull Up 27:20
33. Nina Sky & Jabba - Move Your Body 28:08
34. Bobby Chin - Dress Store (Skit) 29:06
( I Can Help You ? -You Sell Dress ? ...)

'Blackout Riddim'
35. Vybz Kartel - Picture This 29:43
36. Vybz Kartel - Killing (Dub) 30:36
37. Bounty Killer - Black Chiney Anthem (Dub) 31:45
38. Vybz Kartel - Real Deal 32:49
39. Sizzla - Wrath 33:36
40. Assassin - Girls Gone Wild (Dub) 34:25
41. Sean Paul - Bounce It Right There 35:11

42. Bobby Chin - This Is Your Mind (skit) 36:00
-Hello -Hello -Hello! -Hello !! -Yeah -Yeah -Who is this -This is your mind who speaking to you -I can't hear -This is your mind -My mind ? -Yeah!!, right now, I know you wanna eat burger king -Who you looking for? -This is your mind mother fucker!

'Cool Fusion Riddim aka Cool Face Riddim'
43. Vybz Kartel & Bling Dawg - Phone Call (Dub) 36:25
44. Mad Cobra - Dem Fi Dead (Dub) 37:30
45. Assassin - We A Bad From (Dub) 38:36
46. Vybz Kartel - Badda Than Them (Bad From) (Dub) 39:34
47. Sizzla - All Is Well 40:34
48. Alozade - Latest (Love Gyal) (Dub) 41:17
49. Bounty Killer - Sen It (Stand Firm) (Dub) 41:57

50. Bobby Chin - How Much For Sex 42:59
-Hello -Yeah How Much you Charge for sex -Oh! how much you wanna for paid? -Fifty dollar -Who your think sixties -No fifty dollar -No .... -This is tony wid The buddy... I give you fifty dolla -Ok -Nobody .... I have money tell your friend to fuck up !

'Single Remix'
51. Vybz Kartel - Good Buddy (Calypso Remix) 43:27

'Tunda Klap Riddim | Tunda Clap Riddim'
52. Vybz Kartel - Tekk (Dub) 43:57
53. Elephant Man - Dead Over It (Dub) 45:13
54. Capleton - I Love The Way (Dub) 46:16
55. Predator - Have Sense (Dub) 47:21
56. Vybz Kartel & Assassin - Gangsta Melody 48:08
57. Mad Cobra - Don't Waste Me Time (Dub) 49:05
58. Vybz Kartel - Real Badman (Dub) 49:53

'Single Remix'
59. Elephant Man - Fan Dem Off 9 (Remix) (Dub) 50:33
60. Elephant Man - Fuck Them Gyal (Remix) (Dub) 51:32
61. Assassin - The Strenght (Remix) (Dub) 52:05
62. Vybz Kartel - Flossing (Dub) 52:45
63. Elephant Man - Blaza (Dub) 53:38

64. Bobby Chin - Baby Moma Dram (Skit) 54:31

'Mad Guitar Riddim'
65. Capleton - Consuming (Dash A Fire) 54:49
66. Elephant Man - Stand Up 55:56
67. Bling Dawg - Realist 56:43
68. Buju Banton - No Tek Check 57:25
69. Beenie Man Ft Ms. Thing - Have U Man (Doctor Mi Rate Yu) 57:57
70. Vybz Kartel - It Tight 58:37
71. Vybz Kartel - Tek Gun Shot 59:10
72. Bounty Killer - Chrome 59:42
73. Elephant Man - Tump Di Sky 1:00:14

'Dancehall Rock Riddim'
74. Elephant Man - Ova Di Wall 1:00:54
75. Assassin - Do It Fi Yuh Bad 1:01:49
76. Vybz Kartel - Throw Word 1:02:42
77. spragga benz - Put Foot Ova 1:03:23
78. Elephant Man - Long Story 1:04:09

79. Bobby Chin - How Much Fi A Blow Job (Skit) 1:05:03

'Mad Instruments Riddim'
80. Elephant Man - Bun Up 1:05:14
81. Capleton - Fire Time 1:06:15
82. Assassin - Bun Dem (Dub) 1:07:02
83. Vybz Kartel - Good Hole Over Sketie (Dub) 1:07:51
84. Vybz Kartel - Jersey 1:08:24
85. Beenie Man - Hypocrite Friend 1:09:13

86. Bobby Chine - Nine From Danga Zone 1:09:46

'Perilous Riddim miscalled Danga Zone Riddim'
87. Wayne Anthony - Wine 1:10:10
88. Notch - Already 1:10:58
89. Capleton - She's My Baby 1:11:56
90. Beenie Man - Eloh 1:12:54
91. Matik - Flawless 1:13:37
92. Faze Ft Elephant Man & Busta Rhymes - Yippy Yow (Yipi Yadi O) 1:14:25
93. Capleton - Blazing Hot 1:15:13
94. Assassin - Gunshot 1:16:11
95. Willy Chin & Bobby Chin - Outro 1:17:01
96. Willy Chin - Cool Fusion Outro 1:18:26

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