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Sound Effects 2024 – DJ Tay Wsg – Sound Efx 5 (EFX 2024)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - July 1, 2024

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Description and Songs below:

DJ Tay Wsg – Sound Efx Vol. 5 (EFX 2024)

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Instrumental Credits : Juta Riddim Instrumental (Cash Code Records) /

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Album Tracklist

Air Horn 001 Efx
Air Horn 002 Efx
Air Horn 003 Efx
Air Horn 004 Efx
Air Horn 005 Efx
Air Horn 006 Efx
Air Horn 007 Efx
Aye PullUp Efx
Bad Lazar Efx
Bomb PullUp Efx
Dizzy Laser Efx
Fest Horn Efx
Glitch Impact Efx
HoldOn PullUp Efx
Hype Horn Efx
Jammmm Drop Efx
Laser 001 Efx
Laser 003 Efx
Laser 005 Efx
Laser 006 Efx
Laser 007 Efx
Laser 009 Efx
Lazer Plus Efx
Loud Hey Efx
Loud Impact Efx
Naahh Drop Efx
Phone Ring Efx
Police Horn Efx
Radio Horn Efx
Reggae PullUp Efx
Ship Horn Bomb Efx
Simmer Reversal Efx
Space Truck Horn Efx
Sub Stopper Efx
Wheel - Game Broken Efx
Wheel - Horn Police Efx
Wheel - Horn Scratch Efx
Wheel - Pull Up Hold Efx
Wow Efx
Yoo Drop Efx

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