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Too Klean @whoistooklean – #FRN (Official)

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 23 Feb 19 0

Too Klean hails from Waterloo, lowa, by way of THE ATL. Real N***s on the streets refer to him as “P”, but in the industry, to say WHO or WHAT is #FRN, is to say WHO IS TOO KLEAN. Known for a Raspy Street yet melodic flow, Lyrics fueled by real life experiences can easily categorize #frn as being Trap Life at it’s finest. No Cap needed for The Finesse-Free Fat, Black and Bougee Rising Trap Star.

Nardo Mula @nardomula – Bali World (Official) Bigga Rankin @biggarankin00

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 23 Feb 19 0

Mula Global and Go Getta Inc present Nardo Mula – Bali World hosted by Living Legend Bigga Rankin. Featuring the lead Single Bali World and Dead Homies, this instant classic mixtape is sure to leave the streets wanting more.

Nardo Mula @nardomula – Balmain Junkie, hosted by No Dj

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 11 Feb 19 0

Want To Know What Balmain Is? Press Play. Nardo Mula Bali World Is Nardo Mula’s Debut Single Check Out all of these smash bangers and enjoy Real Quality Street Music.

Munsta Status Ent @munstastatus – Munsta Status (Official)

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 02 Feb 19 0

Anybody can become a Boss, But Only A Few can Become Munstas…. Munsta Status Ent’s roster of artist include Baddest Rebel, Lil Freaky, Profet and Puncho, make sure to stay tuned as Atlanta’s newest Munsta Label is here to stay!!

Money Bo – NO Referee, hosted by Bigga Rankin

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 25 Jan 19 0

Money Bo releases new mixtape “No Referee” hosted by A&R Bigga Rankin. Features on mixtape include Ball Greezy, Nave Monjo, Lil Henni, and Diceman 3Eleven. Mixtape is executive produced by Monjo.

Lil Jay Brown @lil_jaybrown – The Jay Way (Official)

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 31 Dec 18 0

Lil Jay Brown is back to end the year strong with “The Jay Way” , his latest offering proceeding after the successful mixtape “Money Luvin Youngin: The Licktape” earlier in 2018. This 17 year old street prodigy has juggled much since he has come onto the scene. After having to abandon football to focus on taking care of his first child as a youngteenager, Jay is taking on the task of going from local celebrity to rap superstar, all while finishing his last year in high school. He used his grind and talent to secure features from some of today’s hottest artists from Trill Sammy to OMB Peezy and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. This raw installment from the “kid” was produced and unveiled in a way only a young king could pull off, “The Jay Way”

Paccrunna @SUPERFRESHSTL – PSII (Pacc Season 2), hosted by Bigga Rankin @biggarankin00

All NEW Tapes, Midwest, User Submitted 30 Dec 18 0

Artist Paccrunna releases new mixtape “PS2” (Pacc Season 2) hosted by A&R OG Bigga Rankin.

BFA BLEED @ClevelandBleed – Back 2 Bleedland (Official) by Bigga Rankin & Dj E Feezy

All NEW Tapes, East Coast, User Submitted 28 Dec 18 0

Cleveland star BFA Bleed “Back 2 Bleedland” Starring Dj E Feezy and Living legend Bigga Rankin is the street hustler’s anthem. Assembled by Grammy nominated Dj Stikuhbush this project features an all-0star cast packed with banger after banger. Make sure to support the team and follow the movement.

Lil Freaky @iamlilfreaky – D.N.A. (Official)

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 21 Dec 18 0

Lil Freaky – D.N.A. @iamlilfreaky

Artist: Lil Freaky
Mixtape: D.N.A.
Twitter –
Instagram –

Thanks for checking out Lil Freaky’s latest offering “D.N.A.” Please make sure to follow the movement and show your support by liking, sharing, commenting etc…. @iamlilfreaky on every platform.

Bilayshia @bugottibeez – Enough Said (Official)

All NEW Tapes, Midwest, User Submitted 20 Dec 18 0

Artist: Bilayshia
Mixtape: Enough Said
Twitter –
Instagram –

Bilayshia–a name you’ve never heard before with a voice you’ll wish you had. She’s bringing a different vibe to the music world. Her debut Ep, “Enough Said”–with songs like “Racks On My Body” and “Veneers”–lets you know how she’s coming as an artist. Song directory with million of song lyrics . Search in the music directory. She is force to be reckoned with. This project is the first of many and it won’t be long before she hits the charts.

Boston George @bostongeorgeamg – Street Verified, hosted by No Dj

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 22 Oct 18 0

Boston George brings the H-Town streets together on this Street Verified Compilation

Via @LavishWays

Marlo Mic @marlo_mic – Westside Story WRNR (Official) by @biggarankin00

-Featured, All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 04 Oct 18 0

Marlo Mic isn’t your average on the rise MC. With only a couple of songs released to the public, he is still sweeping listeners off their feet. Marlo Mic is an up and coming artist from Jacksonville Florida and prefers not to be labeled a rapper but a realist. Marlo Mic began making music in 2017 when he recorded his first single Break Up To Make Up. His style and demeanor will capture the ears of anyone who appreciates great music. Although he is fairly new to the music industry, he has already gained respect and attention from listeners of all demographics.

Tony Spinola @tony_spinola_ – Full Effect, hosted by No Dj

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 03 Oct 18 0

Tony Spinola – Full Effect @tony_spinola_

Artist: Tony Spinola
Mixtape: Full Effect
Twitter – htp://
Instagram – htp://

Description: From A Place Few Have Heard of Tony Spinola From Onset Massachusetts, is a must hear. A Special Mix Of Talents from Hard Punchlines To Melodic Hooks and Exotic Riffs. He Tells HIs Story of Growing Of Dealing Drugs And Having The ambition To Over Come it All To Fulfill His Dream Of Becoming A real Star In the Music Industry. Has Collaborated With Waka Flocka, Ybn Almighty Jay, Fred The God Son And Young Lito To Name A Few. Playmodel

Boo Syrup @boosyrup – Thoughts To Myself, hosted by Dj Coop , Dj HustleHearted

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 20 Sep 18 0

A new upcoming artist out of Tennessee, Boo Syrup, is on the rise with his latest mixtape “Thoughts To Myself”. Boo syrup is from a small town, Bolivar TN, but is now located in middle Tennessee steadily claiming his dream to become one of the hottest Artist in the game with his own, unique sound. “Thoughts To Myself” is a well balanced tape that’s put together for all types of vibes that’s hosted by The hottest Dj out of Tennessee, Dj Coop. Co hosted by DJ Hustle Hearted who is located in Georgia. Now iHustle ent. has linked up with Team Bigga Rankin’s and cool running Djs to push “Thoughts To Myself” hard in the streets like blue magic in the late 1960s.

FIU – It Ain’t Over Until It’s Dunn, hosted by Bigga Rankin

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 08 Sep 18 0

Coming with a style all of their own FIU is making a case for who’s got now not next. With assistance from the Living Legend Bigga Rankin this mixtape brings the streets to you like no other mixtape this year. Make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement.

Fate Gryndhouse @fategryndhouse – Hustla Grammar, hosted by The Other Guys, Dj Ace, Dj Tephlon

All NEW Tapes, East Coast, User Submitted 02 Sep 18 0

Mixtape Name: Hustla Grammar

Artist Name: FATE

Twitter Tags: @fategryndhouse @iamDJACE @@DJ_Tephlon

Instagram Tags: @fategryndhouse @Iamdjace @dj_tephlon

The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) is home to CEO/Owner of GRYNDHOUSE RECORDS and up-and-coming artist FATE. He releases a new project on Sept.2nd; Labor Day weekend called HUSTLA GRAMMAR. Hosted by Atlanta rapper Jeezy’s official Dj…DJ Ace and the New York born, Atlanta bred… DJ Tephlon. Together known as “The Other Guys” the two Dj’s linked up with Fate to create the all original 13 track official mixtape. How to train your dragon 4k download or watch on UHD TV, PC. Fate has already released several music videos from the mixtape including four singles “On Deck,” “Trap Back,” “Hard Times,” and “Cookin’ In The Kitchen.” With this project, the Philadelphia rapper says he plans to, “keep the streets talking and the hustlaz motivated” and make his mark in the Industry as a artist and more. Check out HUSTLA GRAMMAR Out Now! and available on all digital download and streaming platforms.

Wish Da Great – No Feelings (Official) by Bigga Rankin

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 28 Aug 18 0

Wish Da Great born and raised in Sprotts,AL in a family of hustle driven musicians. Wish realized his talents and Sagittarius traits would take him far one day at an early age, set his goals, and conquered them one by one. Wish used his writing talent to pen hits such as “Who Dat” by JT Money and J Spin “One Night Stand” after landing his first deal with Slip and Slide Records, then with Universal Records alongside Dallas Austin. Wish discovered his sense of business and launched his own music group Backwood Boyz, who later signed to Gene Griffin. In 2017, he started New Life New Label and New Life New Label Studio. With a lion heart of gold its now his time.

Babii J @_iamtherealjay – The Truth, hosted by No Dj

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 15 Aug 18 0

Babii Jay – The Truth

Artist: Babii Jay
Mixtape: The Truth
Twitter –
Instagram –

Description: Make sure to show your support, download, comment and share. thanks in advance.

FBNGB Tizzle – Destined, hosted by No Dj

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 15 Aug 18 0

Mixtape Title : Destined Ep
Artist Name : FBNGB Tizzle
Instagram : Fbngb_tizzle
Description : Jacksonville florida rapper fbngb tizzle releases his new EP destined
with tracks featuring Fbngb Polo, and Ba Beezy. Tizzle was featured on the new 2017 movie Queen Pin 2,
and is still destined for greatness with his new project with no pen or pad. This project contains his lead
single “Bam’n” which is already out on all digital outlets.

Dj Shab – Separation, hosted by Dj Shab

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 18 Jul 18 0

Duval County’s Young Mogul, Dj Shab presents Separation, featuring some of the hottest up and coming artist in the business. Make sure to support, follow and comment.

Paccrunna @paccrunna – Pacc Season, hosted by Bigga Rankin

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 13 Jul 18 0

Paccrunna teams up with the Streets A&R, Bigga Rankin for the release of his mixtape “Pacc Season”. Check it out today!

FishXGrits – #IDLYIRL (Official)

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 19 Jun 18 0

An original soundtrack produced by Southside (808 Mafia) & FishXGrits. #IDLYIRL is for every hustler, stripper, or pimp that’s has mastered the game of mental chess. In life you have people who wait for things to happen and then you have the people who make things happen by any means necessary! Which one are you?

Seed Of 6ix – JUNIORS, hosted by Dj Paul KOM

All NEW Tapes, Southern, User Submitted 10 Jun 18 0

DJ Paul KOM presents Juniors, the new freestyle mixtape from his nephews Seed of 6ix, Lil Infamous (son of Lord Infamous) and Locodunit. The Juniors mixtape is a special treat for fans as the group readies their official album.