Dave East, Kingbo Bandz, C-Moez,Obie Trice, Locksmith, Mysonne, Bishop Lamont, Rigz, Tek, - Shyheim x The Block Never Sleeps Present BUIMME 31, hosted by DJ DES | The Block Never Sleeps
00.DJDES BUIMME 31 Intro 01.C-Moez - Jack Move 02.King Bo - LOL 03.Cambatta 04.Dave East - Baby Boyz 05.La The DarkMan - Its All Mental 06.Obie Trice- Truth 2 Power -Obie Trice - Produced by DJ DES , Dmr, E.O.A. FIRM 07.Locksmith - Tell Me S___ 08.Mysonne - NADA 09.Bishop Lamont ft. Ryu & Apathy - Un-American 10.Frankboy Ft. Remy Life The We Live 11.Rochelle _Hot 16_ - Ode to Addiction (Produced by_ J Sky).mp3 12.MICHAEL MILLIONS - SIRENS 13.Figg Panamera - Nat Turner [Prod. By Goose On Da Track].mp3 14.Kleph Dollaz-Black Jesus 15.THE DEACON - STAR OF JACOB 16.Rigz - All We Know 17.YAH's Flesh - Heaven Razah 18.Visel Mc - Mudaram a Face (prod. Ill Suk) 19.Bishop Lamont - Heebie Jeebies 20.Tek - Heat Beneath the Street_ Tek - Cold World 21.Dave East - Spirit Food 22.Hollywood Evans - Reminiscing 23.R-Mean- MEAN LUNES 24.Caligula aka EskimoSummers - The Real Ft. The Guerilla Hebrew