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K. Sparks – The Trilogy Chapter 1: The Collabs By Mixtape Assassin

"All NEW Tapes", by: - July 9, 2010

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01. When My Album Drops [prod. Knockstar Beats]
02. Watching me (ft. Chris Young) [prod. Kurser]
03. Take Em High (ft. KiD CuDi) [prod. Pajozo]
04. Alright Then (ft. Stewie Griffin) [prod. Kurser]
05. Callin Me (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Kurser]
06. Rap Saviors (ft. Angelous) [prod. Big Drew]
07. Queens (ft. Beyond Belief) [prod. T Mos]
08. Movin On (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Kurser]
09. Rewind (ft. Angelous) [prod. Kurser]
10. Relationships (ft. Teau Johnson) [prod. DJ Bobby Bob]
11. Show Business (ft. BOOGNIGHTS) [prod. Pajozo]
12. Mind Elevation (ft. Cymarshall Law) [prod. G.C.]
13. Groupienomics (ft. Jus Mula) [prod. DJ Amo]
14. Bang Out (ft. Lee Kid) [prod. Mark Henry]
15. Critics (ft. Gripz) [prod. One Take]
16. True Dat (ft. JD) [prod. Big Drew]
17. Keep It Gulley (ft. Angelous) [prod. Pajozo]
18. B Boy (ft. Donny Goines) [prod. DJ Soul Clap]
19. Live (ft. Pugs Atomz) [prod. iLL Poetic]
20. Go and Tell Em’ (ft. Phil Nash & Jabee) [prod. Hannibal King]
21. No Competition (ft. Jeff Chery) [prod. Fero Navi]
22. Jazz Cafe (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Presto]
23. Back Down (ft. Dave Barz) [prod. Kurser]
24. Hard (ft. Praverb) [prod. Skrazey]
25. Do Me a Favor (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. J-Swift]
26. 3 Card Monte (ft. JD & Angelous) [prod. Pajozo]
27. Keep Movin (ft. Sean Price) [prod. G.C.]
28. Turn My Lights On (ft. Jeff Chery) [prod. P. Haze & Shinoshis]
29. Doin Thangs (ft. Epiphany) [prod. Boss Man]
30. Keep Movin (ft. Marzburg) [prod. Skrazey]
31. Smooth Thoughts (ft. The MAD Poet) [prod. DJ King Flow]
32. Love Jones (ft. Teau Johnson) [prod. DJ Bobby Bob]
33. Never (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Kurser]
34. Slum Dog Millions (ft. Dave Barz) [prod. Kurser]
35. Pick Em Out (ft. Angelous) [prod. Mark Henry]
36. Summertime (ft. ArtOfficial) [prod. T Mos]
37. Positive Over Negative (ft. Angelous) [prod. DJBobby Bob]
38. Rider (ft. JD) [prod. Pajozo]
39. Technique (ft. Angelous & Tina Quallo) [prod. T Mos]
40. Pressure (ft. Dave Barz) [prod. Kurser]
41. Taurus (ft. Paul Rivers Bailey) [prod. Marvel]
42. Soul Food (ft. JD) [prod. Pajozo]
43. Mic Check (ft. Dave Barz & Nickelus F) [prod. By Chaz]
44. London (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. The Insurgency]
45. School Cypher (ft. JD, D Julien, Jeff Chery, Threatz & Lee Kid) [prod. T Mos]
46. Ghetto Child (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Cartel]
47. On n’ On (ft. Tina Quallo & Pugs Atomz) [prod. Pajozo]
48. Blue Swing (Remix) (ft. Gripz, Beyond Belief, Logis & Jabee) [prod. T Mos]
49. JD Maintaining (Bonus Track)
50. Paul Rivers Bailey Let’s Take A Ride (Bonus Track)


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