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Sound Effects 2024 – Team Anonymous – Sound EFX Vol. 2 (EFX 2024)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - May 8, 2024

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Description and Songs below:

Team Anonymous – Sound EFX Vol. 2 (EFX 2024)

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Instrumental Credits : Valiant – Beer & Salt Instrumental | REMADE 2023

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Album Tracklist

Air Horn 2 EFX
Air Horn EFX
Air Trans Laser EFX
Boat Call Horn EFX
Boat Horn EFX
Bomb 12A EFX
Bomb Chirp EFX
Bomboclatt Crazy Pull Up EFX
Boom Bomb EFX
Clap Bomb EFX
Ghost Bomb EFX
Glaze Lazer EFX
Horn & Lazer EFX
Lazer Beam EFX
Lazer Trail EFX
MineBomb Pull Up EFX
Pop Bomb EFX
Siren EFX
Soft Charge Laser EFX
Spectral Pull Up EFX
Superb Launch Laser EFX
Tonal Bomb EFX
Tonal Reverb EFX
Train Lazer EFX
Wild Money Pull Up EFX

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