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Sound Effects 2024 – Juggernaut – DSM EFX (EFX 2024)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - May 13, 2024

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Description and Songs below:

Juggernaut – DSM EFX (EFX 2024)

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Instrumental Credits : Artillery Riddim prod by Don Corleon :

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Album Tracklist

All Gaza Fanss
Bim Hard Lazer
Calm Down Yuteee
Dat Nuh Sound Gooodd Hold On
Desky Horn & Lazer 01
Desky Horn & Lazer 02
Desky Horn & Lazer 03
Desky Horn & Lazer 04
Desky Horn & Lazer 05
Doh Say Nunnnn
Dropp It Nuh Mannn
Explosion Pull Up 04
Explosion Pull Up 05
Horn 10 2024
Horn 11 2024
Horn 12
Horn 13
Horn 14
Lazer 00
Lazer 01
Lazer 02
Lazer 03
Lazer 04
Lazer 05
Lazer 06
Lazer 07
Lazer Zone
Look Gyal A Dance
Maddest Efx 2024
Mmb Lazer
Mmb Pitch Laser
Mmb Static Horn
Mmb Subsititute Horn
Mmb Wicked Horn
Mod Horn
Nuh Calm Downnnnn
Oooohh Ah Mad Ting
Panlazer 1
Play That One Dey
Police Combo
Pull Up - Puuuulllllll Upppppp Riddim Up
Pull Up 3
Pulllll Uppp Nuh Ramp Efx
Riley Horn Drop Efx
Roooaaaaddddd Fowarddddd
Somebody Help Me
Somebody Say Play Me Songgggg
Steppa Efx 2024
Stoppp Play Dhaa Onee
Turn On The Decibel

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