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Sound Efx Pack 02 (EFX 2021)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - March 25, 2021

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DJ Shol – Sound Efx Pack 02 (EFX 2021)

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Instrumental Credits
Tattoo Flava Riddim – Produced by Troyton Rami Music for Black Shadow Records –

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Album Tracklist

01-DJ Shol - Siren Fx
02-DJ Shol - Play Again Pull Up
03-DJ Shol - No No No
04-DJ Shol - DJ Puffy Horn 2021
05-DJ Shol - Confusion Pull Up 002
06-DJ Shol - Quick Quick Pullup
07-DJ Shol - Hmmmmm Pull Up
08-DJ Shol - New Pull Up 001
09-DJ Shol - DJ Puffy Yow Pull Up
10-DJ Shol - Way Up Way Up
11-DJ Shol - Wheeellll Pull Up
12-DJ Shol - Level Kaboom
13-DJ Shol - Siren Fx 2
14-DJ Shol - Let Go That Chune Pull Up 002 Fx
15-DJ Shol - Wait Noh Man Pull Up
16-DJ Shol - Conch Shell 2021 Pull Up
17-DJ Shol - Lazer 2021
18-DJ Shol - Play Mi Song
19-DJ Shol - Fly High 2021 Muv Lazer 002
20-DJ Shol - Hold On Deh Easy
21-DJ Shol - Pull Up - Stop That
22-DJ Shol - Them Dead Vocal
23-DJ Shol - Play Song Pull Up
24-DJ Shol - Wheel Out
25-DJ Shol - Wheel Out Hold On Deh
26-DJ Shol - Wheeeellllll
27-DJ Shol - Pull Up Fx 2021
28-DJ Shol - Hold On Pull Tools
29-DJ Shol - Rewind Time Pull Up Fx
30-DJ Shol - Paw Paw Pull Up
31-DJ Shol - Long Siren Pull Up
32-DJ Shol - Puffy Siren Edit
33-DJ Shol - Siren Fx 3
34-DJ Shol - Bomb 2k21
35-DJ Shol - Hold On..
36-DJ Shol - Wheel 2021
37-DJ Shol - Eh Heh!
38-DJ Shol - Attention 2021 Pull Up Fx
39-DJ Shol - Lazer 2021
40-DJ Shol - Electric Lazer