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Sound Efx Pack 15 (EFX 2022)

"All NEW Tapes, User Submitted", by: - November 25, 2022

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Description and Songs below:

Juggernaut – Sound Efx Pack 15 (EFX 2022)

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Instrumental Credits
Love Tri-Angle Riddim Instrumental | Produced by UIM Records –

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Album Tracklist

95 LASER 1 2022
Ah Long Time Uno Nuh Hearr
Alien Laser
Backspin Explosion
Candied Laser EFX
Cemar Horn Laser EFX
Chirp Wheel Spin Pull Up EFX
Cho EFX (Bounty Killer)
Close Ranger Laser EFX
Crumple Tranz Horn EFX
Deform Laser Horn EFX
Demented Crazy Lazer Horn EFX
Denm Get What Dem Deserve EFX (Bounty Killer)
Deviant Slice Horn EFX
Explosion Pull Up 23
Explosion Pull Up 24
Extreme Impact Laser
Fire Tune EFX
Fireworks Glass Impact
Glitch Laser 2022
Hey Press Play Pull EFX
Hold On 8
Horn & Lazer (5)
Horn & Lazer 3
Horn Chip Chopped Panned Jmg 1
Horn Hold On Pull Up EFX
Horn My God God EFX
Horn Pull Pull EFX
Horn Pull Pull Ponsh Out Di Bass EFX
Horn Weh Yuh Play Clash Pull Up EFX
Impact Laser Panned V5
Jesas Christ This Da Disgrace
Jmg Chopped Horn 1
Jmg Classic Horn 1
Jmg Conch Horn 1
Jmg Horn Laser 2
Jmg Laser 1
Jmg Laser 3
Jmg Scatter Horn EFX 1
Juggle Loud Pull Up
Laser 2022 V8
Laser Supreme Pull Up
Let Go Mi Chune
Let Go That Chune Pull Up
Level Intro
Mad Siren 2022
Panasonic Laser Horn EFX
Panic Horn Scatter
Phone Ring Laser Breakdown EFX
Ping Pong Pull Up
Power Laser 2
Power Laser 5
Psycho Modifed Laser EFX
Pull Di Gyal Dem Song
Pull Up Riddim
Pulll It Up Aaagain - Jmg
Reverbreated Horn
Scary Horn Pull Up
Scatter Horn Jmg 2022
Scratch Impact Laser
Scratch Laser
Siren Explosion
Slap Horn 2022
Transform Laser
Waaait - Take Dem Down
Watch Deh (Pull Up)
Watch Deh Fffforwud
Wheeeeel Out Party Now
Woooooah Jesas Crise - Have Mercy
Wulon - Ready Mi Selectah